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Apr 05, 2024

Sip into Summer: FMB's Surge in Popularity, Fueling a Season of Refreshment

Get ready for a scorching summer with the hottest trend in beverages: FMB's (Flavored Malt Beverages)!

Sip into Summer: FMB's Surge in Popularity, Fueling a Season of Refreshment

According to a recent article from Beer Business Daily, FMB's have experienced significant growth nationwide, with revenue increasing 16.5% over the past year. But what's driving this surge in popularity, and will the growth continue?

Noteworthy segments within the FMB category include Hard Lemonade (Simply Spiked and Mike’s Hard), Hard Soda (Hard Mountain Dew), and Hard Tea(Twisted Tea, Lipton Hard Tea, Nasty Beast). The standout segments boast impressive growth rates of 31.2% and 2.9% demonstrating Hard Mountain Dew's prominence in the hard soda sector. Twisted Tea emerges as a top contender, experiencing a remarkable 33% growth over the last 52 weeks.

At the national level, brands like Twisted Tea, The Beast Unleashed, Simply Spiked, Cayman Jack, and Arizona Hard are leading the charge in FMB growth. With such momentum, it's no wonder that we anticipate a scorching FMB summer ahead.

Here at SBG, we're confident that these top-selling brands will continue to fuel our growth and captivate our Ohio market. Additionally, with the inclusion of Hard Mountain Dew across our entire territory and the introduction of Lipton Hard Tea to our portfolio, SBG is grateful to offer even more variety and excitement to our valued customers. 

So why wait? Stay ahead of the summer trends and indulge in these sizzling FMBs for a refreshing and flavorful experience like no other!