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Drink Only If You Are Of Legal Age

Don’t give alcohol to minors, or partake in alcoholic beverages if you are under 21 years of age. It can wait!

Knowing Your Limit

Know when you’ve had enough, and remember the legal limit in Ohio for BAC is .08%. TIP: Buy a breathalyzer so you know BEFORE you’ve reached your limit.

Eat Food While You Drink

Eating before and while drinking, especially high protein food, helps slow down your body’s absorption of alcohol.

Drink Water While You Drink

Drinking water in between alcoholic beverages is always a smart choice. Though water doesn’t slow down your body’s absorption of alcohol, it does spread out the time between drinks.

Make a Plan

If you are drinking away from home, be sure to have a plan to get home safely before you start drinking. Never drink and drive!

Pace Yourself

Pace your intake of alcoholic beverages, because drinking more alcohol in shorter timeframes increases your BAC.

Say "No" to Peer Pressure

Telling others to drink alcoholic beverages is never appropriate. Whether you are being pressured or are the one pressuring others - everyone drinks at their own pace.

Know If You Have a Problem

If you are concerned about your drinking tendencies, or feeling like you cannot stop drinking, or would like more support, please reach out to a support group.

Please Drink Responsibly

Superior Beverage Group believes that alcoholic beverages should be enjoyed responsibly and only by those of legal drinking age.


Three-Tier System Education

Following the repeal of Prohibition, states created a three-tier alcohol distribution system which strikes a careful balance between control and access of this socially important product. Brewers and wineries sell their products to distributors, and distributors market, sell and safely deliver those beverages to retailers. Independent distributors are the indispensable buffer between brewers and retailers, preventing dangerous practices, while delivering unprecedented consumer choice, variety and safety.