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Jun 24, 2024

Garage Beer Announces New Partnership with NFL Stars Jason and Travis Kelce

The Kelce brothers have joined Garage Beer as significant investors, partners, owners, and operators. They will be involved in all aspects of the business, including brewing, distribution, sales, marketing, and national expansion efforts.

Garage Beer Announces New Partnership with NFL Stars Jason and Travis Kelce

Jason and Travis Kelce, both of whom played football at the University of Cincinnati, have distinguished themselves with stellar NFL careers. Jason, who spent his entire career as a center for the Philadelphia Eagles, retired last year. Travis continues to shine as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. Known for their love of beer, the Kelce brothers are passionate about their new venture with Garage Beer.

In celebration of this partnership, retail displays featuring the Kelce brothers will soon be available in stores, accompanied by social media content, billboards, and other promotional activities. SBG is thrilled to bring these exciting developments to your local spots.

Garage Beer is experiencing remarkable growth, with an 184% increase in the latest 52 weeks, 196% YTD growth, and a 193% increase in the latest 12 weeks, according to NIQ Total U.S. scan data through May 18th. In Ohio, its home market, the brand is up 157% YTD.

At 4% ABV, with 95 calories and 3g carbs, Garage Beer is leading the craft light lager segment, holding the number one spot in this nearly $20 million market segment, which is up 31%.

Garage Beer co-owner Andy Sauer expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “Ever since our first conversation with Travis and Jason, it was clear we shared similar opinions about beer. They also brought brilliant and very funny business sensibilities. At SBG, we are excited about this monumental partnership for Garage Beer and look forward to their continued growth. So keep an eye out for the new displays featuring the brothers, and grab a pack to share with your friends!