The President’s Choice Award winner for April lives and works by the tenets of honesty and integrity.

Tristan Willmott, a Delivery Driver in the Kent/Ravenna area, shines by example on a daily basis. He takes great pride in doing his job correctly including all pre and post checks, and running mobile cast at a 100% rating. He understands the importance of good customer service and goes out of his way to provide just that. He runs his route effectively and efficiently and has built excellent relationships with his customers.

Tristan is a true team player; he helps other drivers finish their route when needed and ran shuttle trips to the Columbiana drop lot to help the shuttle department. He communicates well with Customer Service and RECON and often drops off cases to an account on his way home when needed. In the month of April, Tristan delivered 15,334 CE's with zero on-truck breakage and only one case of damage on a pallet.