This year’s Annual Winner stood out for a number of reasons, including:
- Integrity. This sales associate is a leader amongst his peers, has trusted relationships with his customers, and is a true beverage consultant.
- Self-Improvement. He is an active participant in the organization’s management readiness program.
- Enhancing the businesses of our customers and suppliers. Quoted from an unsolicited email received ironically the day after the decision was made about this award. “He is always available and willing to help and is by far the best sales rep I have ever had in any of my 10 years in the business.” That was from the manager of a major on premise account.
- Insistence on Excellence. He grew revenue on all 9 of his largest brands. And last but not least, he led the on premise, for the entire company, in both volume growth and revenue growth.

Please join me in congratulating the 2018 President’s Choice Award Winner, Ryan Bruns.