The President’s Choice Award winner for November plans his work and works his plan.

John Bergund, an Account Manager for the Columbus-West Region, strives to manage his business effectively. Understanding that distribution is the key to success, John works diligently to ensure his accounts have the products they need and the proper point of sale.

John recently met with a large on-premise customer and secured 9 of 12 “Beer of the Month” features for 2023 with an option for more as innovation items are released, a great example of his outstanding planning and execution.

In November, John achieved all four personal goals for Miller Lite, Coors Light, Twisted Tea, and Diageo and executed 100% distribution in independent off-premise accounts for the Truly Vodka Seltzer launch. He also grew his Great Lakes Christmas Ale volume by 5% and secured 12 Columbus Brewing Co Track Suit Santa draft placements.