Our December winner has solution focused perception and would not let anything like the calendar get in his way. He is motivated and passionate as a winner. He is driven to find better ways of doing things, not for himself, as much as for others. He is a veteran of Superior Beverage Group with over 20 years’ experience. With the delivery days outside their normal synchronization, this driver communicated to his customers, offered to help with inventory levels, and extra deliveries if needed. His route ran smoothly. For some of his late openers, he made arrangements with the customers, and took their product to them on his way home from work. To quote one of the sales managers who recommended him. “For years I’ve heard accolades from our customers on Danny and how he services their accounts. In the 14 years that I’ve been in this market, I haven’t heard a single negative comment from a retailer.” This associate clearly insists on
excellence from himself. Please join me in congratulating Danny Sexton, our December President’s Choice Award