The President’s Choice Award winner for February is awarded to an associate who consistently handles challenges with ease.

Cain Pontsler, a delivery driver in the downtown Columbus/North Shore area, is always careful but efficient. He has one of the most physical delivery routes, averaging 30+ stops a day and 250+ kegs a week with logistical obstacles such as basement coolers and downtown parking. Cain puts his customers and their needs first while maintaining a positive attitude and willing spirit.

In one example, Cain had a rooftop account that had a broken elevator on his regularly scheduled delivery day. Instead of rescheduling the delivery, Cain hauled their order up 9 flights of stairs to ensure the customer received the product they needed. His work ethic, positive attitude, willingness to go the extra step and commitment to our customers make him a great role model and team player.


Congratulations Cain!