The President’s Choice Award winner for July is eager to learn, happy to assist and dedicated to self-improvement.

Viktor Shirokov, a replenishment associate for the Vertique system on second shift, takes great pride in the work he does every day. Viktor led all replenishment associates in accurate inventory moves made. In July he made approximately 3,500 inventory moves averaging 165 moves per day, with a record high 213 moves in one day! Viktor understands how important accurate moves are to the success of the warehouse team and works diligently to help them succeed every night. He has recently taken on additional responsibilities in training new associates and analyzing volume and inventory moves to optimize efficiencies.

Safety is constantly top of mind and Viktor can always be found wearing his safety belt and did not log a single preventable accident in July. His willingness to help others, great communication skills and desire to learn make him a President’s Choice Award winner.