Downeast Cider launching Ohio distribution

Downeast Cider launching Ohio distribution

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (October 17, 2016) -  Superior Beverage Group announced today that they will begin distributing Downeast Cider House ciders throughout Northeast and Central Ohio.


The Boston-based Downeast Cider House was founded by Ross Brockman and Tyler Mosher while in school. After developing an affinity for farm-fresh apple products through time on the family orchard in Maine, they set out to make hard cider as it was on the farm — fresh-pressed and unfiltered -— which is a contrast to more popular offerings boasting a style Mosher likens to an alcoholic version of the boxes of apple juice in kids’ lunch boxes.


“Filters, concentrate, flavorings and sweeteners make everything easy and cheap,” said Ross Brockman, co-founder of Downeast Cider House. “Fortunately, a healthy dose of ignorance and naiveté led us down another path. Unfiltered cider is rare because it's a tremendous pain in the ass, but we believe it's well worth the effort. We know Superior Beverage Group shares our commitment to quality and expressing our individuality, so we’re excited to partner with them to get our cider in the hands of thirsty Ohioans.”


The following is a list of Downeast Cider products that will be available in Ohio:

  • Original Blend: Inspired by the classic farm-fresh cider New Englanders know and love, Original Blend is made from freshly pressed, local Red Delicious, McIntosh, Cortland and Gala apples

  • Cranberry Blend: Fresh-pressed cranberries make for a tart, crisp finish

  • Pumpkin Blend (Seasonal): Fresh pumpkin mash is added to the apple press, highlighted by seasonal chai spices

  • Winter Blend (Seasonal): Fermented with ale yeast and aged on toasted oak chips, cinnamon bark and nutmeg

  • Maple Blend (Seasonal): A wintry mix of fresh pressed apple cider, Vermont maple syrup and roasted pecans

  • Summer Blend (Seasonal): An unfiltered apple cider blend with the tart and tang of lemon and ginger


Cans and kegs from Downeast Cider are available now for retailers through Superior Beverage Group.